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“Super Petchili” Lung Tsing U-Hai Passco

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Product Description

1913 – China Lung Tsing U-Hai Railway, £20 (Super Petchili)*

Chinese Uncancelled Bond with coupons, with Passco authenticity report.

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The Chinese Lung Tsing U-hai Railway Loan of 1913 (Super Petchili) was originally for the capital of £10,000,000 but only £4,000,000 was issued in 1913.

It appears that the arrangement for this loan did not go according to the original plan and only 200,000 bonds of denomination £20 were issued in 1913, the £100 bonds were never issued.

Later in 1937 an additional 29,019 bonds were issued with the same £20 denomination, bringing the total number of £20 bonds issued to 229,019

This loan went into default in 1926 and coupons were unpaid from the date. Attempts to re-service the loan took place in 1936 but that only lasted for a short period and the loan once again went into default.

* = Historical collectible document, without any financial value.


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